Do You Want More For your Clients?


That's not a rhetorical question. Those are real people up there. People I care about. They are my clients. And I want them to thrive. I want their businesses to grow. I want their influence to expand. I want them to change the world for the better. And the best part is...I get to be a part of it!

But whether you want more for your clients is actually immaterial. Because...

Your Clients Want More From You

And it's not more tax returns, compilations and bookkeeping that they want

Listen to these findings by well respected industry leader Doug Sleeter:


They pick you based on your ability to offer...

Proactive Strategic Planning Advice

The top two non-traditional services they want from you are...

Business Planning
Business Strategy

The biggest reason they leave is they...

"Didn't get proactive advice, only reactive."


You came to the right place

Business clients want more than a scorekeeper or a compliance officer. And you want to play a bigger part in their success. This is a place where you can stop trying to figure it out on your own.

The Consulting CPA is about showing you how to do the work you desperately want to do and that your clients are waiting for you to offer. There are a lot of resources here for you to explore.

Blog posts that break down tactics I use every day with clients

Videos that provide a glimpse inside my workflow

Programs designed to save you years and thousands of dollars.


My Story

I'm Joey Brannon, a CPA from Southwest Florida. In 2005 I opened my own tax and accounting firm, Axiom CPA. For me, taxes and accounting were the gateway to a client's business operations. I wanted to roll up my sleeves and help them grow their business. Why? Because the constantly changing world of small business has always been more interesting to me than debits, credits and tax returns.

Over the course of the next seven years my strategic planning and consulting role with clients grew to the point that I sold off the tax and accounting clients to focus exclusively on my core business owners. That was in 2012. Since then I've continued to grow the consulting practice and hone my approach to working with small business owners. 

In 2016 we launched The Consulting CPA. Our mission is to teach other CPA's how to be the strategic consultant and coach small business clients want. There's nothing better than being part of a client's business growth and transformation. I've seen it happen with my clients. I want you to see it happen with yours.


I've boiled the process down to seven steps that anyone can follow. If you want to add strategic consulting services to your existing tax and accounting practice this is a good place to begin.