Please follow the instructions to schedule time with me - it's fast and easy.

Please note, The Consulting CPA is a program I run for other CPA's. They want to do the same kind of work with their clients as I do with mine.

During the day I am meeting with clients. For the most part I try to be done with appointments by 3:00. So you are going to see some times available on my calendar from 3-9 PM EST. 

I'm passionate about getting other CPA's into this work. I think it is life changing, for us and for our clients. So I'm willing to give up some family and personal time to talk with you and see if we're a good fit for working together.

When you book your call, do it intentionally. I will be looking forward to talking with you. Make sure you answer when I call. The caller ID will most likely be from my cell phone (941-518-1193). Make sure the number you want me to call is one that you will be able to answer. In other words, if you book a time at 8pm in the evening, don't leave me your work number unless you plan on taking the call from the office. 

Also, after you book a time there are a couple of questions that help me start the call with some context. Please answer these. Your answers will make the call much more valuable for you.

I look forward to learning more about you and your practice.