Premier Coaching Program Application

The premier coaching program is for CPA's, CA's and experienced business accountants who are fully committed to developing a strategic planning, execution and coaching program in their firms. It includes all the program materials, extras and features of The Consulting CPA. But it also includes eight weeks of unlimited access to email, voice calls, and video conferences. Here are some of the things Premier Coaching Program participants have brought to the table during our sessions.

  • Help with a specific proposal that was to go out to a prospect including pre-call review of the proposal and about an hour on a video conference/screen share to tweak and highlight important changes including feedback on pricing and how to layout the value proposition for a much larger fee.
  • Video conference role play before a presentation to get more comfortable and understand how most clients will respond to the participant's communication style.
  • Help on what to say and how to present to a client who already has a "business coach." This included specific discussion about the client's business and how we could approach her in a way that made it clear our services were much different and created entirely different value from what she was currently getting.
  • A 90 minute video conference where we created the agenda for an upcoming full day planning session with a new client including pacing, room prep, what to do during breaks and how to wrap up the day while making sure the client felt like they got more than they paid for.
  • A series of calls and video conferences that dealt with how to approach businesses in a small town market and how to overcome pricing fear and opposition where the perception was "they just can't afford it in this small town."
  • Video conferences and phone calls to go over the specific wording and discussion points for introducing consulting services to the existing client base. We cover this in The Consulting CPA but this firm owner wanted specific input on a few big accounts that had already purchased some non-traditional services but had rejected others.

Because I will be giving you unlimited access to me it is important that we both know what we are getting into. I have one-on-one conversations with everyone who wants to join The Premier Coaching Program (that is not a requirement of The Consulting CPA).

To make sure our time is well spent please answer the questions after selecting a time for your call.